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Japan and America
As a cushion for expansion support
Zabuton USA LLC


​Our service is US overseas expansion support.

​ (We support exhibitions, PR, EC sites, store openings, operations, general affairs and personnel management)



​From New York

We support expansion into the US

​With local support, differences in culture and business practices are no problem.

initial consultation


Strategic planning session

Toward the goal

We build activity goals for exhibition preparation, marketing, POPUP, EC sites, etc.









Based in New York, we provide support for expansion into the United States. We can provide general support related to expansion.

◆Markets of our strength
Particular strength is hospitality - (general hotel-related + hotel services, hotel equipment, equipment) general spa-related, general restaurant-related, beauty-related, daily necessities, apparel-related.

◆Our main services
We can provide services such as sales agency, sales agency, marketing, store opening support, company establishment, and operational support.

◆Our method of success
Keyword: Budget as much as possible for sales channel expansion practices and marketing.
(It is also possible to conduct market research within your company to a certain extent.)

Our company believes that when expanding sales, it is important to enter the market with long-term contracts while keeping the monthly unit price as low as possible, and to conduct activities that take into account seasonality. Market research is a very important activity in terms of commercial area research, customer needs, competitive research, and legal aspects, so it is important to conduct research effectively.

We believe that starting practical sales with less risk and monitoring the practical response using PDCA is more practical and will lead to shorter time.

Keyword: Close interaction between business operators and our company
Close and quick communication between the Japanese side and the American side leads to a mutual sense of security.
We are always close to our customers and provide detailed activity information on a daily basis.

◆A free 30-minute meeting is available for the first time, including explanations.



Main office; 400 Benedict Ave, Tarrytown, NY 10591, USA

Satellite office: 1270 6th Ave 7th Floor, New York, NY 10020

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