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御社がアメリカで現地に人を常駐させる場合、人件費、アメリカの信じられないほど高額な医療保険代(1人年間約1万ドル)、アメリカの高い家賃、事務所代 VISAの問題がまず最初に直面いたします。それはおおよそ20万ドル近いコストです。現地にいなければ事は進まないし、かといって、そのリスクはいきなりは厳しいというのがほとんどだと思います。そんなとき、当社であれば、現地でその役割をリスク少なくスタートさせることが可能です。現地で活動している我々だからできるサービスです。


If your company has people permanently stationed locally in the United States, the first problems are personnel costs, the incredibly high medical insurance costs in the United States (approximately $10,000 per person per year), the high rent and office fees in the United States, and the issue of VISA. We will face. It costs roughly close to $200,000. Things won't progress unless you're on-site, and I think most of the time the risks are severe. In such cases, our company allows you to start the role locally with less risk. This is a service that we can provide because we are active locally.

Future prospects

Bringing more Japanese culture and services to America

For example, Japanese inns (RYOKAN) are slowly expanding in the United States. Additionally, HANDROLL (hand-rolled sushi and rice balls) is also becoming more popular. I think it would be great if this kind of Japanese culture could be used more actively in the United States in hotels, restaurants, and spas.



Ken Utsumi-2.webp

Ken Utsumi

2014-2023 in New York, USA
Operation (COO) of hotels, restaurants and SPA

2020 FORBES 4 Stars Acquisition, Michelin Recommendation Acquisition

2018 Hawaii Oahu Hoa Kalei Golf Course Opening Preparation Office
2020 Hankyu Department Store Coordinator

2020 Import and export business (beef, wine, kombucha)
2023 Exhibition business
2023 Zabuton USALLC launched

2009 MBA from GLOBIS University of Management
2014 Director GM of SANKARA Hotel Yakushima
​ (Trip Advisor Japan Hotel Category No. 1)
2017 Graduated from NY Hospitality Business School

beer, kombucha is home
I am making it with
fly fishing in NY and Montana

​This website is also my own work.


knowledge, qualifications

Certification Hospitality sales and marketing (American Hotel & Lodging Association)

Certification Food and Beverage Management (American Hotel & Lodging Association)

Meet the Team



◆Learn from past failures
The reasons for the withdrawal were poor sales, lack of human resources, and business practices.
What was the background behind companies that expanded overseas but were forced to withdraw? Companies planning to expand overseas can learn a lot from the reasons for their withdrawal.

◆The four biggest factors for success
1. Value of expanding (what kind of strong purpose is there)
2. Scarcity (where in your company is scarcity required?)
3. Difficulty in imitation (where in your company is difficult to imitate?)
4. Organization (Is there an organization that supports it?)

◆How to take on the challenge of keeping costs down?
Keyword: As much as possible, budget for expanding sales channels and marketing.
(It is also possible to conduct market research within your company to a certain extent.)

Our company believes that when expanding sales, it is important to enter the market with long-term contracts while keeping the monthly unit price as low as possible, and to conduct activities that take into account seasonality. Market research can cover commercial area research, customer needs, competitive research, and legal aspects. We are particularly good at hospitality related fields.

We believe that starting practical sales activities with less risk and monitoring the practical response using PDCA is more practical and will lead to shorter time.

◆ Relationships of trust with long-distance clients
Keyword: Close interaction between business operators and our company
Close and quick communication between the Japanese side and the American side leads to a mutual sense of security.
We are always close to our customers and provide detailed activity information on a daily basis.

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